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      7. Make F&B management easy, efficient and intelligent

        Support multiple industry modes

        Flexible product design can provide with solutions close to your demand on the basis of different industry modes


        Fast Food

        Coffee House

        Convenient Store


        Beverage Shop

        Integrated management scheme

        By just installing one set of system, you can achieve the overall management of online communication, consulting, queue, booking, take-out, ordering, cashing, membership, marketing activities, purchase-sell-stock and other links.

        First-class service in the industry

        What you purchase is not only the software and hardware, but also the star-level service with good reputation in the catering industry

        Wide coverage

        20 stores in China

        Fast response

        Respond within 1 hour


        7X12 h customer service response


        Hard and soft integration

        Keruyun Assists Hidilao in Innovative Operations through Hi Delivery
        Hidilao, the world-renowned hot pot brand, started its delivery service in 2016. The Keruyun Delivery System provides technical support for all Hi Delivery orders across the nation
        Hidilao, the world-renowned hot pot brand, started its delivery service in 2016. The Keruyun Delivery System provides technical support for all Hi Delivery orders across the nation
        Learn More
        Chain management of intelligent service
        Smile Dessert is a global dessert chain brand. In 2016, more than 800 of its Chinese stores reduced producing costs through Keruyun’s supply chain management system
        Customers’ information is collected by merchants’ backend applications, enabling precise marketing and increase of customers’ activeness. The APP of Keruyun Mobile supports the function of viewing statement at any time, bosses can easily grasp the revenue information
        银河国际娱乐场:Learn More
        Loulan Restaurant’s secret of multiplying revenue
        Loulan Xinjiang Theme Restaurant is loved by people of every place for its unique dish names of northwest China style and elegant exotic environment
        This restaurant started to use Keruyun’s WeChat Official Account Ordering System in 2017, and the share of monthly WeChat order quantity in single store peaked 42.3%, one fold more than that in previous years
        Learn More
        Self-service restaurants in the mobile Internet era
        Green Bites Dumplings will impress you with its modern design, open kitchen and high-quality kitchen equipment
        Keruyun’s intelligent catering management system supports the multi-channel ordering of Green Bites Dumplings, which remarkably improves the ordering efficiency and releases the labor force of the restaurant, realizing an Internet efficient restaurant with no waiters or waitress at the lobby
        Learn More
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